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Breeding quality foundation horses for OVER 40 years

Ledford Quarter Horse Company has been breeding quality foundation bred quarter horses for more than 40 years.  Our bloodlines focus on Cowboy P-12.  We have some of the highest percentage of Cowboy P-12 , and Old Sorrel in our pedigrees.  This combination produced horses that are athletic with exceptional speed and agility plus these horses have an excellent mind and good confirmation.


One Seven Four                                         Seven S Single Shot


We have two primary stallions in our breeding program SEVEN S SINGLE SHOT and ONE SEVEN FOUR

40 year Certificate

Our mares have excellent foundation pedigrees that include Cowboy P-12, Old Sorrel, Little Cowboy, Hard Twist, Mr. Diamond Dude, Jesse James, Blackburn, Hancock, Bert, Oklahoma Star, Thirsty, Easter King, Joe Reed, Leo, Harlan and Poco Bueno.  We have an excellent set of colt and fillies for sale.


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